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Hiya! My name is um...well...I'll explain that, when I explain my hate of boobs...

I hate boobs because I'm a transgender. I was born a chick, and now, I want to be a man. Luckily, I'm taller than most girls, I have a semi-pronounced adam's apple, and a masculine face...thus making me look pretty manly. The only thing impeding my manhood (aside from the lack of something in my pants) is boobs. Yep. People go, "Wow, he's so -insert favorite adjective here- OH, wait, that's a chick, see, it has boobs." X.x And that's where the name comes in...er...my birth name is "Lillian". Thanks mom. 0__0;; If I actually tape the suckers down and people think "Ah, so manly!" I introduce myself as "Lillian"...and...well, yeh. So, yeah. I'm getting the surguery (hopefully soon) and I will be BOOBLESS FOREVER! YEY! And by then I can pick a new name.

So...that's my beef with boobs.
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Hey Lillian! I hope you can go through with your surgery. Your so lucky that you can pull it off looking like a guy! I'd probably have to get a complete reconstruction ;_;.

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